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Trusted Home Addition Contractors Near Santa Rosa Beach, FL

You just found the best home addition contractor and luxury home builder near you in Santa Rosa Beach, FL at the most reasonable cost. 

Fox Construction, LLC can take care of all your luxury home construction, as well as home addition needs. And we can do it without burning a hole in your wallet. 

We understand that even for luxury homeowners, there comes a time when your family outgrows your house and you just need to have some extra room or floor space added to it. Whether it’s a new bedroom or another home addition like a new balcony or an extended terrace, we are the contractors you’ll want to work with. 

First off, we take the time to understand what you want for your house addition and find a way to make it happen. Second, we’re not afraid to tell you if your idea is not structurally or technically possible. After all, that’s why you’re hiring professionals in the first place, right? And most importantly, even if your idea is not technically sound, our first option is not to shoot it down right away. Our first option as your home addition contractor is to find common ground where we can implement what you want, but make it in such a way that it makes sense from an engineering and architecture standpoint. Fox Construction LLC serves clients in the following areas: 

  • Santa Rosa Beach 
  • Seaside 
  • Grayton Beach 
  • WaterSound Beach 
  • Rosemary Beach 

Whatever your room addition or home remodeling  idea is, Fox Construction LLC will find a way to turn it into reality. 

Rely on Us for a Beautiful Room Addition to Your Luxury Home

Fox Construction is not just one of the top home addition contractors in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. We are, first and foremost, luxury home builders. We build mansions, townhouses, beach houses, and other luxury homes. Our teams of engineers and architects specialize in luxury home construction. And we’re pretty good at what we do. In fact, even if we’re still quite new in the business, we have more clients than half the established construction companies in and around Santa Rosa Beach, FL, who have been operating for twice or even three times as long as us. This is because we take the time to understand what our clients want and find ways to make it work. We are masters of finding the perfect balance between what the customers want and what’s possible from a construction and engineering standpoint. That’s what sets us apart from other contractors. So, if we’re able to make such a commitment when we build entire luxury homes, imagine the quality of work we can deliver as your home addition contractor. 

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We Make Luxury Bedroom Additions Affordable

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Are your kids growing up so fast they’ve outgrown having to share bedrooms? Maybe now it’s time for them to each have their own rooms. Or maybe you simply want an extra bedroom or two constructed for when family and friends come and visit during the holidays? 

Whatever the reason is, Fox Construction LLC can take care of your bedroom addition needs at the most reasonable cost. Even if you compare our costs with all the other home addition contractors in and around Santa Rosa Beach, FL. We offer the most bang for your buck. 

Just tell us how many additional bedrooms you want, where you want them added, and we’ll take care of the rest. And we promise you will get more than your money’s worth. 

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No need to keep going to Google to search for different home addition contractors. As long as you’re located in and around Santa Rosa Beach, FL, Fox Construction LLC is the only luxury home builder and home addition contractor you need. Whether it’s a new bedroom, a new den, a new living room or a new terrace, it doesn’t matter. If you want a custom home addition, Fox Construction LLC is the only company you’ll ever need. 

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