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The number one luxury custom home builder and luxury mansion builder at a reasonable cost in and around Santa Rosa Beach, FL is now just one phone call away! 

Fox Construction LLC is one of the leading custom home builders near Santa Rosa Beach, FL, and other areas nearby. Despite being a relatively young player in the luxury home construction scene in Florida, we here at Fox Construction LLC are quickly becoming the most sought-after luxury home contractor and builder. Since 2013, we have custom-built numerous luxury homes in and around Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Clients love doing business with us because to us they are important. We aim to take as much input from our clients with regards to their custom home ideas and combine that with sound engineering and architecture concepts. This results in a perfect balance of what the customer wants and what is architecturally sound. 

There’s a reason why our company is at the top of the list when you search best custom home building company near me on Google. It’s because we are. 

Fox Construction LLC serves clients in the following communities: 

  • Santa Rosa Beach 
  • Seaside 
  • Grayton Beach 
  • WaterSound Beach 
  • Rosemary Beach 

We are truly passionate about building luxury homes. This is not just a business model for us. This is a conscious business choice. We truly love building big townhouses and mansions and we feel fortunate that our clients trust us to build their luxury homes for them. This joy and passion are what pulls clients towards us and what sets us apart from all other luxury new home construction companies in and around Santa Rosa Beach, FL. 

Luxury Custom Home Builders That Tailor Services to You

As a luxury custom home builder, we make sure our top priority is what the customer wants. Unlike other new construction companies who already have a catalog of home designs for their clients to choose from, we specialize in personal attention and personal touch. We understand that as a homeowner, you want your luxury home to be an extension of who you are and an expression of your personality. That’s why we take as much input from you, the client. What do you want your luxury custom home to look like? Do you like a receiving room that looks like the lobby of a 5-star hotel? Or do you want a living room that looks like the lounge of a high-end resort? Do you like tall windows and high ceilings? Just talk to us about what you want and we’ll find a way to make it happen. 

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If you look up the top luxury mansions in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, chances are you’ll come across one or two that we’ve built. And considering we’ve only been in this business since 2013, that says a lot about the quality of work we do. We are serious when we say we take our clients’ ideas as the main inspiration for every luxury mansion we build. And we’re not kidding when we say that building townhouses, beach houses, mansions, and luxury homes brings us joy. We really love doing it. And that’s the reason we got into this business. This positivity is what draws clients to us. Not only that, it’s what has made us one of the top custom home and luxury mansion builders in and around Santa Rosa Beach, FL. 

The Cost of Building a Custom Home in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

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Let’s face facts. When you’re in the market for the top custom home builder, you want a luxury home. And that’s another thing that sets us apart from the competition. Among all the luxury home builders this side of Florida, we offer the best costs and value for your money. Having the opportunity to turn your dream house into a reality already brings us joy in itself, so there’s no reason for us to let you spend more than you have to. We have the most reasonable custom home cost. Hands down. And as soon as you get a quote from us for your next luxury home, you’ll see what we mean by this. 

So, looking to have a custom home or a luxury mansion built? And you want it built just the way you want? Plus, you want to work with a contractor that has no intention of taking advantage of you? Call us now and experience the Fox Construction LLC difference. 

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